Musical Thursdays at Noon

During this time of social distancing, for the month of April 2020, Thursdays at 12 noon Peter and Fimi Frost will live stream a music program from their home in Hawthorne. It will last approximately half an hour. Joined on occasion by their son Connor, each week Peter and Fimi will bring a different musical offering to you. Each week the program will vary, including both sacred and secular music. 

We hope you will join in the music making as there will be plenty of opportunity to sing along. And just think, if you don't consider yourself a singer, you can sing your heart out without any concern for judgement by other congregants.

Music Thursday link found on Spreaker here


Hymn Lyrics for April 30 found here

You may also find links on St. Mary's weekly email update on Thursdays.

Please note that if you are not free at noon on Thursdays, you can click on the link anytime afterwards and listen to the poscast.

Peter and Fimi hope you enjoy singing with them!