Outreach in the Local/Westchester Area


Here are some of the local groups we have supported with financial assistance and/or hands-on help:



Mission: to provide a cost-effective, local solution to the national crisis in affordable housing. A-HOME operates 17 houses in northern Westchester for clients that include older adults, disabled individuals, and single-parent families who cannot afford market rental rates. A-HOME also promotes independent living with case management and a network of community support.


Amy Marie Crabtree Foundation

Mission: to provide support and financial assistance to the community to benefit the poor, the hungry, the sick, and the unfortunate (including animals). The Foundation also supports research towards a cure for brain cancer.


Bridge Fund of Westchester

Mission: to prevent homelessness for vulnerable, working poor threatened with loss of housing, but who do not qualify for emergency government assistance because they have some income.


Children’s Center at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Mission: to allow incarcerated women with infants to keep their babies with them, facilitating bonding and good parenting skills. The Center also offers programs to allow older children to visit their mothers.


ECAD: Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

Mission: to enable people with disabilities to gain independence and mobility through the use of specially-trained service dogs.   


Fessenden House, Yonkers

Mission: to provide a home for men recovering from drug addiction and other problems, such as mental illness, serious medical conditions, and periods of homelessness or incarceration. Fessenden House offers a disciplined, safe home dedicated to recovery, with a commitment to community life and mutual support.


Hope’s Door

Mission: to provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. Programs include an emergency shelter, counseling, support groups, legal services, children’s programs, and a 24-hour hotline.


Interfaith Emergency Food Pantry, Pleasantville

Mission: to provide food to local families in need. As well as giving financial support, St. Mary’s regularly collects non-perishable foods for the pantry.


Midnight Run

Mission: to minister to the homeless on the streets of New York. Members of St. Mary’s donate clothing and toiletries, prepare a nourishing meal, and volunteer to distribute these items on late-night relief missions to homeless on the streets of New York. Human interaction, more than the exchange of goods, is the essence of the Midnight Run mission.


Mt. Kisco Child Care Center

Mission: to provide high-quality, affordable childcare and early education to an ethnically, socially, and culturally diverse group of children. The Center cares daily for 160 children aged 3 months to 12 years of age in a safe, healthy environment.


Neighbors Link, Mt. Kisco

Mission: to deal positively and productively with the realities of immigration in our community. In its strategy to educate, employ, and empower, Neighbors Link offers English classes, employment skills, and an after-school program for elementary-age children. It also maintains a hiring site and job skills bank.


Northern Westchester Hospital Chaplaincy Fund

Mission: to provide chaplaincy services and training at NWH.


Open Door Family Medical Centers

Mission: to provide affordable, quality health care and human services to the economically disadvantaged. Founded in 1972, Open Door delivers care at 9 health centers in Westchester, serving nearly 800 patients a day.


San Andres Episcopal Church, Yonkers

Mission: to support the local Hispanic community with a food pantry, immigration counseling, English classes, after-school programs, parents’ support group, and cultural programs.