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Universal Access


As of September 2012, St. Mary’s is proud to have completed a Universal Access plan that truly opens our doors to allow everyone entry to the Church sanctuary.


The completed project includes:

New walkways to the Parish House and the sacristy door at the rear of the Church, a ramp with handrail leading to a landing at the sacristy entrance, a widened door allowing handicapped access from the sacristy into the Church transept, a new Parish House entry which eliminates steps, and a fully-refurbished, unisex handicapped-accessible bathroom.    


Additionally, new walkway lighting, improved floodlighting around the grounds, a new bulkhead and stairway leading to the Church basement, and stairs with a handrail leading to the Memorial Garden have enhanced the general safety of all our parishioners.                                                       

Sacristy entrance: BEFORE...

...and AFTER

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