Worship at St. Mary's

Schedule & Types of Services

Sunday Service at 9:30 AM

Weekly services will roughly alternate between Holy Eucharist, Rite II (with music) & Morning Prayer

See Home Page for specific schedule.

Coffee Hour

An opportunity for fellowship in the Parish Hall immediately following the service. All are welcome!



Holy Eucharist:

At the Church of St. Mary the Virgin all who seek God are welcome at God's table. If you feel moved to do so, we invite you to join in receiving the Eucharist with us.


The Episcopal Church uses real wine. If you do not wish to consume the Wine, it is appropriate to receive only the Bread. 


Rite I or Rite II/Enriching Our Worship: What is the difference?

The Rite I liturgy has more traditional language, no music, and is more contemplative in nature. Communion is shared with the traditional wafer.


The Rite II/Enriching Our Worship liturgy includes hymns, service music, the senior and/or junior choirs, and pre- and postludes. For Communion, this service uses a loaf of unleavened bread, prepared in rotation by various members of the Parish according to an historical recipe.


Nursery Care

Children of all ages are welcome at our services, but for parents who want or need it, St. Mary’s has also offered nursery care in the Parish House for infants and pre-school-age children.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, Nursery Care is currently on hold, but we hope to resume it soon.